We are equipped to handle masonry projects both large and small and additionally, we can inspect current masonry and recommend whether it is in good condition, should be repaired, or should be torn down and rebuilt entirely.

Our Services Includes

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures made of either wood or some type of masonry. The purpose of a retaining wall is to keep soil in place, improve water drainage, or add a desired aesthetic to a landscaped area. While wood retaining walls are usually the least expensive option, they also have the shortest lifespan compared to masonry retaining walls.

Retaining walls made from masonry can be made from many types of materials including brick, stones, concrete block, or concrete. What type of material your retaining wall is made from depends on the purpose for which it is being built. Call us today and get a free estimate on retaining wall construction or repairs.


Grinding and Repointing

Mortar joints will typically deteriorate much faster than brick or stone. This is by design as it is much easier to repair mortar joints compared to the masonry units they hold in place.

Whenever mortar joint deterioration is present the risk of water penetration and complete failure of the masonry is a very real risk. In the case of water penetration, water can penetrate the masonry and further deteriorate due to freeze thaw cycles. Eventually, this could lead to mortar joints losing their ability to hold the masonry units in place. Additionally, if the mortar joints are on a wall for a home, then the risk of moisture seeping into the interior of the structure is greatly increased. This can cause mold, mildew, and various other types of water damage inside of a residence.

The most inexpensive way to remedy deteriorating masonry is to target the problem early. If mortar joints deteriorate enough, they will no longer be able to be repointed due to practical and safety concerns. If this happens then whatever structure the mortar is holding together may have to be demolished and rebuilt (which is much more expensive).


Chimney Rebuilds

The chimney can be the most important part of your home as it facilitates the escape of carbon monoxide and smoke out of a building. Deteriorated masonry on a chimney can create conditions that could potentially cause bricks, stone or other masonry units to fall into the chimney and cause a blockage which could stop carbon monoxide from exiting a home. Additionally, brick could fall off of the chimney thereby creating a safety hazard for anyone on the ground.

Reliance Masonry can assess the condition of your chimney for free and let you know any repairs you may need.


Outback Brick Ovens

An outdoor brick oven can be the perfect addition to a patio or backyard. Using the correct type of high temperature bricks for an outdoor oven is important and failure to do so could result in the masonry failing prematurely.


Spot Cutting and Replacing Bricks

Bricks that are spalling, cracked or loose should be replaced or re-laid. Spalling and damaged brick can happen gradually over time due to water absorbing into a masonry during freeze/thaw cycles. This can be exacerbated if the bricks used were not cured properly during production.

Some problems that can arise from deteriorating masonry are water penetration into a home (which can result in water damage to the inside of the home), further deterioration or failure of the masonry, or even a complete collapse.


Step Repairs and Rebuild

Any kind of steps or walkways that were built using brick or stone can receive a high amount of variable weight. This can loosen the masonry units or mortar in ways that are different compared to masonry that is carrying a constant load.

When evaluating masonry steps or walkways it is first necessary to determine whether they can be repaired or need to be completely rebuilt. Any brick or stone that is loose enough to be picked up should be re-laid. However, if there are just cracks in the mortar joints and the masonry units do not move then those joints can just be ground out and repointed.


Mailbox Construction

Masonry Mailboxes can be a great way to complement your home and provide a mailbox that will stand the test of time. Advantages included lasting much longer than a manufactured mailbox and that masonry mailboxes can add more value to your property.

The most popular materials for masonry mailboxes are stone and brick and Reliance Masonry is well versed in both. Call us today for a free estimate.


Monument Construction and Repair

Monuments can be a welcome addition to any community. Most monuments are constructed at the entrance to a planned neighborhood, so it is important that they look great and create a good first impression. Reliance masonry is equipped to repair existing monuments or design and build new monuments from scratch.



A patio can turn a run of the mill backyard into a gathering place for cookouts, holidays, and family gatherings. Additionally, they can save you money on landscaping costs as there is less property to landscape.

There are many types of patios including

Bricks Patios

Bricks are a popular choice for patios as they give a patio a traditional look and do a great job matching the brick already present on many homes. Additionally, brick patios are.

Sand Joints

Sand joint patios are generally less expensive then brick patios that are laid with mortar but they are also less sturdy and can require more routine maintenance over the years due to shifting of the bricks in the sand and other settlement issues. Additionally, sand joints may not create as level of a surface due to this constant shifting and patio furniture may not remain level as a result.

Mortar Joints

Building a brick patio with mortar joints is a more permanent option compared to sand joint patios as they require less maintenance. However, when they do require maintenance, it is usually more expensive to repair as mortar joints must be ground out and repointed with new mortar (which is more labor intensive). Maintenance can be needed when the mortar joints have started to deteriorate due to a combination of water absorption and numerous freeze/that cycles. Additionally, there could be changes such as tree roots growing underneath the patio which could deteriorate the masonry as well.

Field Stone Patios

Stone patios can give your backyard a much more natural look than other types of patios. A stone patio is usually a more expensive option as stonework typically takes more time than other types of masonry projects. The stones for patios come in various shapes, sizes and colors which can give your patio a much more distinctive look.

The various types of stone patios can be made from included:


Concrete Patios

Concrete patios have come a long way since the days when they looked like an extension of a home’s driveway. Concrete patios look much closer to the masonry units they try to replicate.

Today there are various types of styles to choose from including:


Stone Refacing

Houses today are rarely built with actual stone. Instead, to give homes a stone aesthetic they are built with stone veneer. This stone veneer is oftentimes indistinguishable from actual stone until it is seen up close. Over time, stone veneer can become loose and when this happens it may need to be reset or replaced. The cause of veneer failing could be improper installation or its warranty expiring (most stone veneer typically lasts anywhere between 20 to 75 years) Regardless, Reliance Masonry can come out to your home and give a free estimate for resetting or replacing your stone veneer.


Foundation Repairs

Sometimes a foundation or its walls can crack. This can lead to further damage to the foundation if not fixed or even water entering the house. Reliance masonry can diagnose and fix foundation issues, so a bad problem does not get worse.

And many more…

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